Howdy Y'all! Thanks for stopping to see us. As you can see this website is under construction, and hopefully will be fully functioning again soon. Don't let us scare you away, come again soon to see us! In the meantime please visit us at Happy New Year!

We have a new website and blog!

Our old website was getting, well, old, and we wanted to to bring some new features to it that just weren't possible, so, we had a new one built!

The new site includes.

- A new blog, with all of the posts from this one, (we're now calling it Homestead Journal)
- A news page where you can stay in the know about events, sales & newly available or upcoming products!
- The product pages now include more information, such as the ability to preview all the tracks from our CDs. (were really excited about that!)
- A new site wide search, so you can find exactly what your looking for.
- There is now a page with all of our YouTube tips videos conveniently in one place!

And one more thing.  We now have a page were YOU can submit your homesteading hints for our readers to enjoy!

Well we hope you will all find something to enjoy on the new site and we'll see you there in our next blog post.

Blessings from the west ladies at Homestead Blessings.

New Site

New Blog

Happy Fall Y'all!

 Well, it's fall on the farm and the chores have changed with the season and the lesser day light has us rising earlier and going to "roost" earlier too. In the early mornings before the sun has come up over the ridge and the air is still crisp and frosty, I go out to gather kindling from the woodshed, the smell of hickory wood smoke and the sounds of farm around me- wild turkeys gobbling in the woods and the horses neighing at me from the barn and pastures- I love this time of the morning.

Mama has kept busy these past months drawing and re-drawing the Homestead Blessings Coloring Book. Every page is hand sketched and is a work of homesteading art- each drawing reflecting our life on the homestead and many drawings are memories and have stories behind them. We are very excited about it being finished and available now, just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

You did a beautiful job, Mom!

Earlier this fall we spent some time on the back roads up on the ridge tops gathering wild muskadine and fox grapes.

We made quite a few jars of jelly from these gatherings.

Almost every day we make at least one or two handwoven homestead potholders.

These potholders sure are handy around the kitchen. We love using them!

The other day we went out to gather the purple cone flower to make our tonics and such...

We ended up capturing some gorgeous pictures of bees on the purple cone...

The newest member of the farm...

A beautiful 17month old registered Quarter Horse gelding...

who is a beautiful red dun and a sweet little guy

Hannah and I look forward to training him this winter

His name is Pistol.

Our neighbors beautiful cows

What a pretty Jersey girl!

Here's a parting shot from the homestead, the peaceful creek meandering along, the tire swing hanging on the sugar maple, brilliant autumn colors... simple homestead blessings!

Now Available!

Our new coloring book is now available with 40 pages of family farming, homesteading fun!