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The West Ladies
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The Best of the West's

The West Ladies
Spring 2011

Jasmine fishin' in the lake
October 2010

Hannah target practicing
December 2014

Gourd heads!
March 2011

Mom and a dear friend
Bodcaw, Arkansas 
June 2013

Spring 2012

Jasmine queen of the rock
Big Sur, California
June 2013

Mom and Jasmine
Mothers Day 2013

Hannah blending with the background
December 2011

Cecilia riding in the mountains of Wyoming
November 2014

Hannah with her dog, Fleck
May 2011

The West Ladies at the Alamo
July 2012

Making pumpkin fry bread at a fall festival
October 2014

Hannah trimming hooves
Summer 2013

Cecilia with new lamb
December 2011

Jasmine and Cecilia riding in Wyoming
November 2014

Mom taking a ride in Texas
July 2013

Cecilia hanging out in the swimming hole
July 2013

Jasmine and Cecilia walking down a dirt road- one of our favorite pastimes
March 2012

Live concert in Bodcaw, Arkansas
March 2012

The West Ladies at the Grand Canyon 
July 2013

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Building a Fence, till the Cows come Home

We are putting in a new fence for our cows, which are currently visiting our neighbors cows till the fence is done.

Setting posts. We use the post hole digger to make holes about 24" deep. Then we set in the 6' cedar posts and fill in the dirt around.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the wind was pretty cold.

Most of the time, it takes two to do the job.

Our tool box.

Thinking about what to do next.

Our two calico kitties playing on the clothesline.