"There's green beans in the garden..."

Truely there are lots of green beans in the garden! So we have been busy canning up those beans here of late. The heat has come to beautiful Tennessee and so we spend our extra time in the really nice and cool swimming hole. Satarday we went to sing at the Nathen Beford Forrest homeplace in Chapel Hill and had a wonderful time. There were lots of re-enactors (including us) and very neat calvery and infatry demostrations and delicious homemade ice cream cranked by a John Deere hit and miss engine. Let me tell you, it hit the spot for us!This week will be a busy one for us, tomorrow we'll be canning green beans (of course), making soap, washing luandry and pulling weeds from the garden. We'll also be canning zuccihini and maybe some green tomatoes too. I need to make strawberry jam and we need to check the blueberry patch on top of the hill to see if there are any ripe.
Bella, our wonderful blue heeler, had 8 puppies a few weeks back so we are excited to have the cutest little pups running around. They are growing so fast.
We are so excited by the arrivel of summertime... so many wonderful things like splashing in the creek, picking blackberries, eating watermelon and fried green tomatoes, sitting on the front porch swing singing old mountian songs, canning up pickles and jams, picking on the guitar and banjo, fishing in Buffaloe river, chasing lighting bugs- oh the list goes on. May God bless ya'll and have a wonderful summertime! We'll be keeping in touch!

Slow me down Lord, ease the pondering of my heart.
By the quieting of my mind, steady this hurried pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time.
Give me among the confusion of the day the calmness of the everlasting hills.
Author Unknown


Olive Wild said...

It sounds lovely! Wish our family could join you!

Caron said...

Hi! We are reenactors in southeast Texas. We enjoy living history so much!
Nice to meet ya'll!