Hello to all!
  Sunny days = running sap from the giving maples! Yeah!  We are grwoing cotton this year so now you can call us " cotton pickin' sap suckers"! Ha Ha !
   The wood cook stove is full of large kettles with wonderful "sweet water"- almost maple syrup!
 Early this moring the house was very warm with smells of maple syrup and freshly baked bread. Now I'm getting "purdy" excited about planting and all. I started flats of broccoli and cabbage about 2 weeks ago in our kind nieghbors green house. Last night I planted 2 flats of seeds, parsley and edible flowers, yeah!
  Went outside this morning to look over large garden area, gonna have it plowed with a team of Percherons. Hope to get ya'll some pictures of that! Hope to plant some snowe peas tommorrow, clean up, plan and pittle in the raised beds and all! Right now they look pretty bare. Found some old gourds up in the hayloft, we'll use those for Martin bird houses- can't wait!
  Hope you can get outside and have fun too!
(P.S. My fingernails are dirty. That means it's nearing spring, which is great but... to keep that dirt thing from happening, you can scrape your fingernails acroos a bar of soap- then after you are done working in the garden just wash up! You'll have more soap than dirt!)
                                                        Blessings to your Homestead!
                                                                      Vicki for the West Family