Hey Everyone!
  We are having beautiful sunny days which means we have been busy in the garden!!! Yeah! This last weekend we had a family of 15 come from Alabama for a few days and they helped us out on the farm. It was great food, fun and fellowship. They helped us with wood, tin roof on an old shed, tilling the garden, general cleaning up and hauling hay, manure and leaves for mulch. The children loved the worm bin (where Mama grows Red Whiggler Worms for compost) and the creek where they proceeded to "fish" with cane poles and cotton string.
   Then at the beginning of the week we had a family of 10 came to visit as they were making their way back home to Vermont. Once again we had wonderful fellowship and shared a meal with them. We were blessed by their music that they shared with us.
    We have been transplanting starts in the little green house and in the garden. We are planting, and moving herbs around and mulching alot too. We have planted around 600 onion plants and about 75 pounds of potatoes, hopefully we will be planting 75 more soon. We are finding all kinds of woodland herbs popping up in the woods surrounding our home. Mama has been having fun taking pictures of them.
  We are also trying in the meantime to work on the next upcoming DVD on the basics of homestead quilting. We are sewing blocks and patches and making little quilts- and weeding, mulching and planting the garden is kind of like making a big patch work quilt out side!
  Well, I've got a lot of pictures to show y'all- so I better get on to that and then back to  sewing, seeding, weeding and quilting!!  We might get around to eating some supper tonight, but who knows!! :) We could always just munch on the lettuce that is out in the garden. Ha, Ha!
                                                              Blessings to y'all and your Homesteads,
                                                                            Vicki and Cecilia