Here are a few Homestead happenings that we thought y'all would like to see...

Outdoor laundry room,

Ready to wring and rinse,

This is barefoot work.

The hand wringer in use.

"She can bake a cherry pie..."

Yes, there are green beans in the garden!!

Bugs are out, so Jasmine is making up concoctions...

 Pure essential oils and apple cider vinegar...

Make the best all-natural insect repellent!
Our biggest garden trellis....

 will be a jungle house by August!

Making pleats for a civil war era apron,

takes a lot of ironing and patience! 

Drying yarrow flowers.


Mama's wool ready to wash.

Hanging out to dry.

Adding finishing touches to our reenactment dresses.

"For the beauty of the earth..."

God's intelligent design and creation.