Howdy Y'all!!
   It has been a while since we have blogged  because summertime on the farm brings very busy times!:) Our garden looks more like a jungle now and feels like one too with humidity and all, but somewhere in that jungle we find broccoli, cabbage, onions, peas. Today we canned a few quarts of cream of broccoli soup. That will be so wonderful in the winter when broccoli is scarce.
    Our cherry tree is giving us some cherries now and Hannah baked a most delicious cherry cobbler last Sunday for dinner. Yum!  We also have lots of beautiful tall weeds that we like to pull up and throw back onto the compost pile. It is wonderful "green food" for the garden. We planted cotton for the first time and it is coming up so well!! We are excited. Hope to use for pillow and quilts this winter. Speaking of quilts, we are blessed to announce that the 10th in the Homestead Blessings series, "The Art of Quilting" is now available on our website come by and visit us today!
We are also, for the month of June, giving away  our CD, "Farther Along" with every order of the 3 pack, 6 pack or 9 pack of the Homestead Blessings series, but only at
These pictures are from a couple weeks ago and things are already starting  look different now. We hope to talk to y'all again soon. Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement! Enjoy your gardening and homesteading wherever you may be!!!
                                                                        The West Ladies

Mama gathering from the garden.

Simple springtime beauties.

View from the back porch.

Out of railroad ties and old pots, life springs forth!

Calendula and Kohlrabi.
Broccoli harvest.

Calendula flower.

Onion bed.

Our little friend makes fresh mint tea.

Squeeze the juice from the leaves...

 And pour it up!

To see more on how to make fresh delicious mint tea go to and check out "The Art of Herbs" in the Homestead Blessings DVD series.