Howdy Folks,   Wow has it been a busy summer, as you all know I,m sure!  Well we found out a hard thing- homesteading and trying to juggle in a website too! We will be changing up a few things on our website, hopefully you all will like them.
 We are reading out loud as a family a book called "Forty Acres and No Mule" by Janice Holt Giles. It is an excellent book based on true stories and events about homesteading in the mountains of Appalachia Kentucky. You can order the book from They have wonderful books.
  We hope to be uploading great pictures of our bountiful onion harvest. They cured so good (300 of them) up in the barn hayloft this year. We are very excited.
                                         Well, that's all for now folks!
                                                            Many blessings to your homestead,
                                                                                 Vicki for the West Family