Purple violets, the first sign of "green up"

Bloodroot, a good herb growing right out the back door,

at the base of a maple tree,

on the side of a hill.

Butterflies love our garden this time of year!

Watercress, high in vit. C and grows wildly in the creeks and springs.

Watercress sandwiches anyone?



Mrs. Stam said...

Love seeing all those green living things growing, hopefully the snow will melt soon, so we could see some green too :-)

Anna Faith said...

The Grass is turning green here in Ky!:)

happy momma said...

Love the signs of spring. I can't wait for our violets to bloom. We love violet jelly. Do you all use the blood root and if you do how and what for? God Bless.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Hello, girls!

You are big ahead of our spring in Missouri~ I love seeing other bloggers' spring photos! I'll have a big ol' watercress salad and soup, please! :)