The Cabbage Patch

                                                                 The Broccoli Patch

                         Mom and Mrs. Stowe working on the cookbook, it will be out soon Lord willing!

                                               Chore list on the chalk board earlier this spring

                                       Clean laundry on the line is always such a lovely thing to see

                                 Little Rhode Island Red hens growing big in their chicken tractor

                        Blueberries soon to be harvested from the patch on the hill behind the house

                             The apples are looking beautiful too. Can't wait till apple harvest this fall!

               Tonto, the lone ranger in the horse pasture now. Maybe we'll have a sidekick for him soon. :)

                                              Meadow wildflowers growing in the top pasture.

 Country roads taking us home.


Amelia said...

So enjoying the blog here, what a treat for me today!

I'm so sorry about Cascade, I love God's creatures so much.

We have four daughters and live in the country too, many things we are learning, your family is a great blessing and encouragement to us!

~Amelia : )

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Absolutely beautiful. Wish I lived closer...a visit would be just lovely!


Canadagirl said...

Such beauty in all kinds of forms there on your farm.

Blessings in Him<><

Jessica said...

Would love to know more about the door with the chalkboard. Did you buy it that way, or create it yourselves? Thanks!

Mrs.Rabe said...

So happy to see a post from you all...hopefully you can get a pasture pal for your horse. He must be lonely.

You've inspired us to love a simple life...


Kels said...

I love that chore list chalkboard. That is such a neat idea. :)

A cookbook too?! wow! I can't wait!

Our blueberries are already done producing. And there is no way we could grow broccoli at this time. Cabbage.... maybe. :)

I love seeing your pictures! Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

Homestead Blessings said...

Good to hear back from y'all, you all are so sweet and encouraging! :)

We found some chalkboard paint -you can find it in craft supply, or hardware stores that sell paint- and were inspired by a friend who painted a "chalkboard" on her fridge door.

Our chalkboard is painted on the door leading into our "little kitchen" where the sink is... and we do the dishes and such. It's a perfect place to write list's -- chores, menus, welcome notes for company, cute sayings, the possibilities are limitless as your imagination!

Hope this helps.

The West Ladies :)

Don and Shelly said...

Ladies, it's so good to see your garden doing so well. Also, we wanted to let you know that the comments background color makes them extremely hard to see and read. If you changed them to back against white it would be much easier. By the way, I had a great meeting with someone from your neck of the woods: Ken Carpenter. He was at the Colorado homeschool conference and met with me about some business ideas. Anyway, that's all for now.... take care!!

Julie... said...

The pictures are all lovely and so inspiring! My spring garden has nearly quite burned up due to above average temps here in Oklahoma. But I'm looking forward to getting a fall garden in next month!
Blessings, Julie

Carmen said...

I love reading updates about your homestead and country life!! We have a dairy goat. I have a lot of milk in the freezer so I'm going to make soap soon! I'm going to use your recipe! So thankful for your willingness to share your talents with all of us!


MrsKD said...

What lovely photographs! I purchased all you videos and feel like were friends. We live in Henderson NV just outside of Las Vegas and wish we were in the country! Would love it if you'd check out my blog!! I'll be adding your link or button to my blog if you have one. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Rebecca said...

I just embedded your Greenbeans in the garden video in a blog post:

because that happens to be a favorite song/video of mine and one of my readers spoke about you having a blog. So...I just had to go searching and here you are!

Now I can tell you in person how much I love that song and that beautiful video, representative of the beautiful lives you lead.

Thank you. There IS a lot to be thankful for.

Nonners said...

Oh, your pictures bring a smile to my face. They remind me of my family. Thanks for sharing!


Roxanne said...

I received all 11 DVDs for my birthday (hubby came through for me!) and have enjoyed watching them all.

I have four questions if you get a chance to answer:

Is that YOUR kitchen in the DVD or a studio?

Will you ever do a video of the inside of your off-the-grid home, especially the kitchen?

Have you always homesteaded as you do, or was there a time before?

Are all the daughters in their 20s now?