End of Summer Sale

Hey Ya'll,
  Check out our great end of summer sale on our website www.homestead-blessings.com. We are offering "The Art of Canning", "The Art of Gardening" and "The Art of Herbs" for sale as a pack or individually. Now is a great time to start a fall garden, or make herbal concoctions for wintertime and to prepare and plan your canning for next seasons harvest. These cooler days are an excellent time to get those frozen strawberries from this past spring and make some delicious jam! So, go check it out soon, if you already have our DVDs, take advantage of this sale for the holidays, wedding gifts and birthdays... but remember the sale ends September 10th!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Great sale!

We already have all your dvd's and have enjoyed them. We have enjoyed your recipes and patterns, learned how to make candles, we make the glow pots.

All my daughters and I love them!


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I have all your DVDs already, but I am sure many people will love this sale!! :)

I hope you all are enjoying your last days of August!

Debbie said...

We have several of your DVD's and hope to get more! Maybe before the sale ends!

Love your site, blog, DVD's and music! Our 14 year old daughter has been doing most of the bread baking since we got your DVD!

Don and Shelly said...


It looks like you all had a great time... and what a great way to beat the heat. Today was the final leg of our journey to our new home. As a side trip, we drove through Lobelville today and then on to Russell Creek. It was overcast with light rain, so we were sure you found something warm to do inside. We thought there may be a Homestead Blessing sign to take some photos by but didn't see any. We did, however, wave and exchange smiles with some of your amish neighbors. We had no idea it was so beautiful in the Russell Creek area and now see the appeal for you and the Wallers. God bless you... and if you're ever on the east side of the state, we'll make some tea!

Blessings on you all!

Don & Shelly