Last Days of Summer

We had the great opportunity to have some friends over for a day at the river this past weekend. What a fun time we had swimming, jumping, diving, floating, kayaking...

                                                      The Three Littles ready for adventure!

                                        Surveying the situation, getting ready to "cross over Jordan"

                                                      Our blond haired, southern surfer boy

                                                                     Here we go!

                                                          The Captain and his cabin boy

Sitting on "the rock"

Country girls keeping cool

Kayak lessons

Nothing to it,

that's how country girls roll!


All the delicious food...

And plenty of fellowship!
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Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun at the river! Great way to cool off!

Trust you all have had a great summer and that your garden has produced well.

We have been growing a garden the last few summers, and are learning more every year!

Mikailah said...

Wow.. looks like a lot of fun. :) I love the pics.

Kels said...

I looks like you all had a fun time! Y'all make kayaking look easy. ;)
I wish so bad that we had a creek to splash in here in FL. :)
Have a lovely day, and God bless! xxxx~Kelsey

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great summer fun - and that water looks so refreshingly clear....Most of the rivers around here are muddy brown - not very appealing for splashing! Sounds like - and looks like - a wonderful way to spend a summer weekend! Happy September! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Renata said...

What a fun time it looks to be!!!
Your post makes me wish the warmer weather was here & we could go swimming ~ oh well won't be long!!
Have a lovely weekend

Heather said...

looks like everyone had a great time! You have a beautiful home!~