Just a note...cook-book if you would like a cookbook signed by the West Ladies, please leave a note in the "special delivery/comments" on your order page and we will gladly sign it for you! Also, please specify if and who you may like it signed to and the proper spelling of any names. Thank you, and many happy homestead cooking days to you!


Lynda said...

I have ordered the book, but don't know how to contact you other than here to ask if you would sign mine please "to Lynda"

Can't wait for it to arrive!

Lynda Kay (in Tasmania, Australia)

busyknittymom said...

It might be too late (I hope not!), but I would love to have the cookbook I ordered signed by you all : ) I just love you ladies! Mary in SD

Sara said...

I just ordered the cookbook also and didn't see where I could have you sign the book, If you could all sign it to Sara,
thank you,

busyknittymom said...

Thank you for catching my cookbook to sign it before you mailed it out. It arrived and it is SO wonderful, even better than I hoped for! Thank you so much : )
Blessings to you all, Mary in SD

Sandra said...

Just received mine and I'm so excited to have it in my hands. I agree with the post above, it's even better than what I had imagined.
God Bless,

Renata said...

Hi West Ladies
I just ordered 2 copies of your cookbook & also a copy of your new CD which I'm very excited about. I was hoping to get the cookbooks autographed, but haven't been able to find the special delivery/comments section. If possible could you please autograph one to Selina & one to Renata :)
Thanks & I look forward to getting these!
Renata:) ( from NSW, Australia)

The Vandall's said...

I ordered my a book a few weeks and havent seen it show up yet;( I sure hope it gets here soon! I can't wait to try some of your recipes iv seen on your DVD's. I can't see any other way to contact you but on here.

How long did it take (for those you have gotten theirs already) to get to you?

CNK said...

I got the cookbook for christmas! I can't wait to try some of the recipes :D -Nicole, in Alaska.

Lori Starks said...

Hello West Ladies! I ordered a cookbook tonight (01/26/12) but could not find where to request y'all to sign it. Could you please? It is for me: "Lori".

I can hardly wait to have it and make all kinds of goodies!

Thanks a bunch!

Lori Starks

Cassie M said...

I mentioned in the special instructions section to have you ladies sign my cookbook if possible. I just wanted to post it here in case it wasn't seen. Thank you so much ladies! ~Cassie M

Pat said...

I love your cookbook but have a question about the recipe for broccoli cornbread. You state 1/2 butter but is that 1/2 cup, stick, tablespoon??? I'm not sure what to use.

Farmlife Chick said...

Hello West Ladies!

I could not find a way to contact you, so I will leave it here in the comment section.
I would love to host a review and giveaway on my blog ,www.thechickncoop.blogspot.com, of any one of your lovely homestead inspired items. I must admit I have never seen any of your products first hand which is why I would like to do a product review and share with my readers. Please contact me (farmlifechick@gmail.com) if you are so inclined to and we can iron out the details!

Blessings to you! Thank you!

Farmlife Chick

Blessings to you