New Products and Spring and Summer Sale

New products at Homestead Blessings!!

We are so excited to now be carrying this book, “The ABC Herbal” by Steven Horn, and have it available for you all! I have used this book since the girls were very young and have found many of these methods and formulas very effective and good, being a great help and relief and saving us lots of money!
The ABC Herbal” makes a great gift to give to young mothers and is a wonderful book to have on hand in every household. With a wonderful common sense approach, you’ll find the helpful herbal information as simple as A-B-C!!

New Homestead Blessings note card set!

These new hand-sketched note cards, with beautiful drawings of the little blessings of the homesteading life, will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face who may receive one! The drawings on these new cards also appear in the new Homestead Blessings Cookbook and are inspired from real stories and memories on the farm where we were raised. These cards are blank inside and make wonderful little gifts. So, please feel welcome to come by and visit our products page and take a glance at these new products we’re sure you will enjoy!


Greg and Donna said...

The book sounds great. I've been thinking about herbs and wanted to start looking for a good resource. We love the Homestead Blessings videos and hope there will be more coming! Thank you for sharing all your information and knowledge with us!

Livvy said...

Sounds neat! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Steve is fantastic. We have purchased and used his books and courses for years. Really like how he is expanding his business to cover all herb products not just one brand. Steve has much knowledge to offer; we wish him continued success and blessings from above.

Renata said...

That book sounds wonderful! I'm going to take a look now!
Have a wonderful day

Brian and Lindsay said...
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