Howdy Y'all!!
  This has been the fastest summer! We've had time flying right by us, and I'm sure you all have too! Our summer has been full- a trip out to Texas, a visit to Alabama and a mountaineer festival in east Tennessee, growing, plowing, harvesting, canning, sowing and sewing, building gates, fixing fences and fixing great southern meals on our outside wood cookstove. All that fencing and gate building was to get ready for the newest member of the homestead... a 6 month old Dexter/Jersey heifer, Maybelline, our future milk cow!! So far she's working out great and seems to be getting used to us. We are so grateful for her! We harvested our field corn we grew from 4 generation heirloom seed. It makes the very best cornbread ever had! We grind it in our beautiful new Grain Maker grain mill, {what a wonderful gift we were blessed with} and it makes the best cornbread you've ever had! This week we'll be making hay, building a few more gates, fixing fences, planting cover crops, canning applesauce, getting the horses shod and many other homestead blessings!
  It was so wonderful to meet all the sweet families in Texas and east Tennessee, we are thankful for all our new friends we've made.
                                                    Blessings to you all!
                                                         Vicki at Homestead Blessings


Bonnets and Boots said...

Enjoyed the post! I've missed you! :-) I'm happy for you that you have the heifer. Fresh milk is such a wonderful thing! Thankyou for the continued inspiration.

jean said...

Lovely post! Makes me want to be there!!

Renata said...

It is always lovely to see your updates & your new cow is adorable!!! Have a wonderful day

Judy W said...

Bless you all.♥ I so enjoy your posts...even if they are sparse...I am always glad to see them! Love your gates!

Blessed Contentment said...

I saw your latest tips video over at Rosie's Ramblings and then came over for a quick visit to see that you had a few updates on your blog. The children and I love to watch the vidoes you have on you tube where people are visiting over at your place and y'all are singing with another family. The children ask to watch that one often! Enjoy Autumn.

Linda said...

I am greatly inspired by you all, your skills, values and faith. I live in New Zealand and my daughter is marrying soon. She has requested your DVD set as a wedding present (she's a born homemaker like her mother)but I was wondering if they will work in New Zealand. We are zone 4 and America is zone 1. Could oyu please let me know about this, before I consider ordering them. Thankyou and God's richest blessings to you all,
Linda (NZ)

Donna said...

Would love to see a video on how you make that beautiful gate!

Donna said...

Would love to see a video on how you make that beautiful gate!

Donna said...

Would love to see a video on how you make that beautiful gate!