Put Your Chickens To Work

Dear friends,
    We hope this video will encourage you to let your chickens make your compost! They love to scratch anyway, so when you give them the materials, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, you should be harvesting compost helpful to your garden and plants.
Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

Happy homesteading,


Rachelle said...

Love these short and sweet tips and tricks! Wish I could have seen you in San Antonio but I was at a family reunion. So... your chickens stay in the pen or do they get out and free range? Our chickens are let out and I'm trying to figure out how to do this? I really could benefit from having them compost for me. :O)
Rachelle Bennett

Anonymous said...

Great video! It is wonderful to see you ladies doing what you teach on your own homestead. Can't wait to see future videos of ‘new again’ back to basics, common sense, simplified, enjoyable, hard work tips and techniques. May the Good Lord continue to direct you and bless you.

Bonnets and Boots said...

Great tip! Thankyou!

Homestead Blessings said...

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for your comment.
The chickens are left in the pen each morning where they naturally scratch and compost, etc. After a few hours someone gathers the eggs and lets the gate open and our chickens free range most of the day.
An hour or so before roosting time we call them in, close the gate and they happily go after any kitchen scraps or "organics" we have that day or whatever is left over from days before, of course this is what we found works for us and our chickens, I'm sure you could work out your own schedule for composting time and free range time.
Hope this helps.


Renata said...

I love this ~ I was going to ask about free ranging too, but I see someone else has ~ very interesting! I'm going to see how I can incorporate this into our farm!

mamabeanof4 said...

I love these little series you are doing! For those of us that are trying to learn these old fashion skills, they are so helpful. Do you ladies cook on a woodstove? I would love to have you show us how to do it. Also, if you are off grid with no electric, show us how you do stuff...just everyday, normal stuff. What is a typical day like for you? Keep up your wonderful teaching-I can't get enough!!!

Barbara Behringer said...

Thanks for the great video. It has helped me decide against building a chicken tractor. Hope you are all well.
Your Friend,
Barbara Behringer

Elese said...

Hooray! So glad you are doing these You Tube videos, what a blessing. Thank you for all your teaching and encouragement. Love this great idea putting the chickens to work making compost. So efficient and smart! Thank you for your sweet hearts to bless and encourage others.

Donna said...

Love love love these small videos! I have so many topic requests! Everything from fence building to making herbal salves, etc. Do you make any type of syrups? Would love to learn that too, but will take whatever videos I can get...I just really enjoy your simple straight forward style!

matty said...

Two very happy chicken lots this afternoon. I have a very large yard and have spent the afternoon raking a good portion of it, loading it in the tractor front-loader, and dumping it over the fence to the girls. Once they realized that the "sky was falling" only once, they were all over it! Clicking, kicking, tossing, and fighting over the leaves and whatever might be within!

I love the tips! As I homestead mostly alone (my city boy Mister just doesn't "get" it), it is nice to see ideas that I can do Alone!

Keep the tips coming, ladies! As another writer noted: I am looking to buy a cook wood stove. Recommendations??