Time to plant garlic!

Hello, Everyone. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. 
We are very excited about this video and hope you are too!  The garlic seed, the clove, can be planted now in most areas-but try to get it in before Thanksgiving so you can have nice garlic to harvest by June or July.  Garlic is a blessing and can be used as a food and a seasoning-but it's also the world's best natural infection fighter.  Garlic can also deter insects so it makes a great border for your garden.

Many Homestead Blessings,


P.S.  Tips:

-When grown together, garlic and tomatoes benefit each other!

-Plant garlic where no member of the cabbage family grew the year before.
For recipes using garlic check out our herbs DVD and homestead blessings cook book Here.


Debbie in PA said...

Thank you-that was interesting-love the out takes with your dog!

Nancy said...

We plant Hard neck garlic in Fall. Soft neck in Spring. We live in zone 5. Nice video.

jean said...

I'm getting ready to plant garlic and this video was very helpful! Thanks!! Love the dog. Cute ending.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Another wonderful video, ladies, please keep them coming. Is that an Australian Blue Heeler you have??? If so, great choice, they are intelligent, faithful, companions, although I'm sure you already know that.

Cheryl, Lismore NSW Australia

Anonymous said...

I live in Sydney Australia ( originally from Wales ) and I was so happy when I found your videos on TouTube and your Website. You are an inspiration. I have bought all your videos and look forward to seeing your tips on YouTube. Thank you so much for sharing. You make it look so easy. I am now a big fan of MistyShooter223 and other Southern Preppers. I am of no religion, but I love your commitment to God and how you live your life in a modest way. Modesty is sadly lacking in this world and you are all an inspiration. I also love it when you sing. Thank you.

dixiecajun said...

Hey Vicki,
It was wonderful seeing you and the girls again. Hannah and I are sitting here watching your videos and she's wondering if y'all remember her? :-)
Love to you and the girls.

Eize en Annemieke said...

Thank you for this post, I love the parts with the dog : ) And I have learned a lot about what to do to prevent rotting. I hope my English is correct because I come from The Netherlands. I love those short clips, thanks. Greetings,


Danna Nicholson said...

Hey girls!!! Wondering if you will have an open house this fall for Christmas stuff.. Please let me know if you do! Love to all!!
Danna, jacky and Kids

the kings said...

Hey All, we are enjoying these videos so much; the blooper on this one was a hoot for us to watch, we did several times "). The Lord continue to bless your efforts as you look to Him in it all. I am looking to plant some garlic this week now and I have a piece of lattice too, a neat idea.

In Joy,
vivian and charles

Donna said...

Nice hint with the lattice idea, again, a great video!

Anonymous said...

Know this isn't very homestead-y.Ha! Ha! BUT, could you do a video on how Cecelia does her hair? Maybe you could call it like "behind-the-scenes" or something! Thanks!

Melissa said...

Oh, how wonderful that we get to see more videos from ya'll! Love the DVD's and now Youtube! BTW, I use your pickled pepper recipe and we love, love, love it! Can't wait for more videos!

Linda said...

I love these little videos !! I have yet to grow some garlic, but I have a Dutch friend here in New Zealand, who grows it every year:) God Bless you ladies for taking the time to share these tips with us.

Munchkin Momma said...

If I plant garlic in a pot inside my house how long will it take to be able to harvest? I don't have the option of any sort of outdoor garden and I wanted to plant garlic and green onions in pots inside but I'm leery because I personally have 2 black thumbs and have an uncanny knack for killing every plant I am within 50 yards of.