Spring days, Country ways, and a Wedding

 With spring officially here now, we have begun planting and plowing.  These onions are called "multiplying" or "walking" onions, and we have separated and transplanted to another long nice onion row for spring and summer use.

Doing some dirt work here, making it ready to plant potatoes. It may look like a beautiful, warm, spring day, but the wind was strong and frigid.

            Discussing where we are going to put the potato rows and giving the horse a break.

                                  Our handy digging fork, we could hardly garden without it!

                         We attended the beautiful country wedding of some friends in Alabama.

                                      Bridesmaids in a row, in dresses they sewed themselves.

 Groomsmen in their "Sunday best" overalls.

                                                              The Bride and Groom

Rye seeds to throw on the newly weds. The seeds are held in a paper cone made from pages of seed catalogs.

                                                       Getting ready for the send off!

                                                               The Groom's sister.

                                       Always good to visit with some of our dearest friends.


Busy mum of 3 said...

I got a gush of excitement when I read that title, I thought one of you girls must have got married!

Glad you had such a wonderful time at the wedding.

Try not to wear yourself out too much with the spring work.

Michelle said...

What a lovely wedding. Plowing with a horse looks like a lot of work.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Beautiful photos! I am quite jealous of your sunshine *even if the air is cold*, as up north, here in PA we have snow...lots of it still! I am so so ready for spring to arrive!!!

The wedding pictures are incredibly sweet! I love the dresses the girls sewed themselves and just the sweet atmosphere of it all! :) Thank you for sharing it!


Kelly said...

Love the groomsmen in their "Sunday Best". I always look forward to seeing what the West Ladies are up to on your blog! :)


Anonymous said...

What lovely wedding pictures! And, not one plunging neckline in sight. When my daughter got married in 2011 it was hard to find a non-strapless dress, but we persevered and in the end we did.
A beautiful bride and beautiful bridesmaids wearing my favourite colour - blue (in any shade).

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'll try not to get jealous of the green-ness over there. We are still looking out the window when we wake up and finding a light dusting of snow over here. Everything is so green! I cannot wait until we have green too! We have our garlic planted but nothing else. And what a wonderful wedding!! I love how their dresses are simple and modest but beautiful at the same time. The "Sunday Best Overalls" are great!! That would be a wedding to remember! And by the way, I LOVE your skirts! You girls are beautiful!
God bless you West ladies!!

5N Family said...

What a cute wedding. We've been tilling and planting down here in Texas. We have just about everything in the ground now. Only a few others that we're waiting on until it's a bit warmer. I need to update some on our blog also. I so enjoy your blog and photos. Blessings.

Linda said...

HI West Ladies, I asked a question a while back about your DVD's, but have still not had a response. The question I asked was: Are your West Ladies DVD series able to be played in other countries??? or do they only work on American DVD players? Thanks and God Bless - Linda

Homestead Blessings said...

Hi Linda. Yes our DVD series can be played in any country.

Beth said...

Hi Ladies!! I just bought several of your DVDs and I just LOVE them!! We plan to watch the bread dvd today! My two daughters that are still at home are excited to learn how to make bread along with me! Thank you for just being sweet and nice ladies and producing such wholesome and fun DVDs!

Amie Moyer said...

Dear Ladies,
Just want you to know what a blessing and encouragement you
have been to us as a family....
We live on the wyoming/idaho border,we have a cattle ranch, my husband is a pastor, and we live simply as you. We have used your resources to help teach the ladies
homemaking skills. My kids are blessed as well with your web site.
They say "hey they live like us!!"
Some of us went to the NCFIC conference in NC this fall, some of us stayed home to milk the cow...but anyways do you ever come out west? We would love to have you , you can contact us with e-mail...ebc@silverstar.com
With Gratitude to the Lord,
Amie Moyer

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing the overalls on the groomsmen! Casual, yet with white shirts they are dressy too! Great idea. Yet the guys look a little scary, mean, or maybe they hate their pictures being taken?

Oh, and will you ladies make another cooking DVD or gardening DVD? That would be great!