Visiting Little Homestead in the City

 Here we are on the mountain looking out over Pasadena and Los Angeles with the Dervaes family. We are very grateful for the hospitality they have shown us these last few days! Thank you, Dervaes family!!

                    Saturday morning pancake breakfast with fresh blueberries from the garden!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Lovely! I follow their blog.

It is so amazing for me, having grown up in Southern California, that they are living off that little lot.

I now live in Pennsylvania on 4 acres, we have chickens, horses, fruit trees, a garden, and room for more!

Love it!

You are all such a blessing!


Sandy said...

So glad you had a good time but I know you'll be glad to get back home. There's just no place like it, is there. Please let us hear from your mother/grandmother that she is doing okay. We're praying for her. Looking forward to many more posts on the garden and the homestead. Love your blog and love all of you! I really admire your work ethics and your love of home.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to share what a wonderful evening it was and what lovely hostesses the West Ladies are.

Vicki gave wonderful reading suggestions to us based on our situations. For me, as I live in a condo, Vicki suggested "Made From Scratch" by Jenna Woginrich and Mary Jane's Farm magazine.

I have checked out "Made From Scratch" from my local library and am thoroughly enjoying it. Mary Jane's Farm magazine is absolutely amazing and has become my favorite magazine. It truly speaks to my spirit and soul.

Jasmine sat at our table during dinner. Jasmine is so they all articulate and knowledgeable.....and such an engaging conversationalist. Jasmine shared so many things with us.....information on juicing, what she does for exercise, what she usually eats, their sleep hours for summer and winter, the books they read, living off-grid, etc.

The music and songs from the West Ladies were so lovely. It truly was a remarkable evening filled with the simple pleasures in life.

Thank you West Ladies for such a wonderful evening.