Harvesting on the homestead

We're back on the homestead after a trip out West to see Granny. Glad we got to go, but glad we are home again too. The garden is overflowing with veggies and weeds and we have been canning up a storm! One of the prettiest things in the garden are the zinnias that are in full bloom. We love to grow zinnias as they are bright and colorful and bloom till late fall.
The luffa gourds are doing real well and climbing up the trellis we built.
Green beans.
Tomatoes and green beans.
Harvesting potatoes...
One potato, two potato, three potato, four...
It's always nice to have time to make some mountain music!


Endah Murniyati said...

Dear Westladies,
I've been waiting for your newest pictures and progress from your garden. And I get it now! I always miss it. Beautiful zinnias, fresh vegetables and vigorous plants. Great! I think it's really a nice day. I'm happy to see that. In my country, Indonesia, the weather actually changes extremely. My garden become so messy. Have a nice day in your farm land.
I miss you all...

Michelle said...

welcome home. Your garden looks great. We are also starting to can on this little homestead as well.

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Beautiful zinnias. I need to plant some next year. I guess I'd better head up to my little local u-pick flower farm and see what they have blooming. Have a wonderful day!

simplyfarmhouse said...

Welcome home...wow you garden has done so well. I love Zinnia ~ Our garden or zinnias did not do well here in KY..but we are thankful for what we do have. Blessings

Unknown said...

Good morning West ladies ( morning New Zealand time and 1 day in advance of you. It is Thursday here )
So glad to see you are safely home again.
Your pictures made me feel enthusiastic to plant up some more flower and vegetable seeds. Yesterday I transplanted flower seedlings into bigger pots to plant out come Spring here ( it is currently Winter) and next week will plant seeds for tomatoes in my little pots and pop them in my tiny growing tunnel.
Karen - NZ

Mrs.Rabe said...

The garden looks great! Zinnia's are so beautiful!

Glad you had a good trip!


Amelia said...

Such a sweet post, that gardening takes a lot of work doesn't it? Oh my! Ya'll sure are pretty gardeners!

We have Cucuzza squash in our garden here in Texas, it's an Italian squash our grandparents would grow and cook. We serve it in pasta gravy over pasta, soooo good.

I enjoyed your blog as always, we have four daughters at home and I love seeing your sweet home.

The zinnias are beautiful too, I wonder if they would do good here?

Blessings to you gals! ~Amelia

Unknown said...

Amelia - I live in New Zealand and Zinnias grow well here so I am guessing they grow well in most countries.

Beth said...

So nice to hear from you!! I am harvesting on my little tiny "homestead", too...and waiting for my first egg to arrive from "Dottie"...our young silver laced wyandotte chicken. I did not do very well with chicken buying this past year. I bought 6 "pullets"...and five of them started crowing. They refuse to lay eggs. Imagine that??!! I have six younger chickens and am concerned that one may be a rooster as well. Oh well, it has been a very fun summer with them!! Now to find homes for them...where they can keep their pretty heads!!