Apples to Apples

Fall is just around the corner and apple harvest has begun in Tennessee!

Making apple pie filling...

bushels of beautiful, juicy apples

All these apples were harvested from our own homestead orchard!

We'll be grateful for these jars of fruit this winter!

Taking a load home from the orchard

"I wish I were an apple, a hangin' on a tree..."

What better way to start the day than with fresh blueberry pancakes!

We were blessed to be able to press 10 gallons of good ole fashioned apple cider!!

Keep your eyes open for our video on making apple cider from the farm!  It will be on our YouTube channel soon.
If you subscribe to our channel or follow our blog we'll let you know when it's out.

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Blessings from our homestead!


Beth said...

How nice it is to see more of your blogs! I just wanted to tell you something my little boy, Israel, said about your family a few days ago. We don't have regular tv in our home but we were at the doctor's office and a tv was on. It was showing some very sad and violent things going on in the world. Our little boy is from the Congo and he asked, "Mom, is there anyplace that is just at peace all the time?" I told him , "Heaven." He replied, "I think the place the West Ladies live is at peace all the time!"
So....did you ever think that Tennessee is a little piece of Heaven? Some of us agree!!! Blessings, Beth....and 7 year old Israel....

Vintage Rose said...

Those blueberry pancakes look delicious! Those apples look pretty good too. First day of Spring here tomorrow in Australia so it's lots of plantings happening in the garden.

Amelia said...

Such a lovely early fallish visit to the West ladies!

I wish I was there learning how to make the jars of fruit, I bet the fragrance was soooo wonderful!

God bless y'all, y'all are a blessing to our family. We have four daughters at home too, such a sweet blessing to see your family and be encouraged.

happyathome said...

Hi y'all. Can you tell me how you press your apples to get the juice out for cider?

VeeV said...

Wow, i just found your blog, i am looking forward to spending time perusing it, do you have a steam juicer by chance??

if not, check it out - what a fantastic way to make juice, or juice for jellies.


Renata said...

What a wonderful blessing all those apples are! Did you plant your orchid yourselves? Enjoy your apple canning and I look forward to your video!

Dagelijks Brood said...

What a blessing, such a rich harvest! And how wonderful that you've been able to make an apple pie from your own harvest!! :-)

Vintage Papery said...

I love watching your videos they are very inspirational. I recently purchased the crafting DVD and enjoy that a lot too.

Keep up the good work.

-Kind regards, Shiralee.

5N Family said...
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5N Family said...
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Melissa said...

Can't wait to see the cider video!