Pea Pickin'

Beautiful colors of the summer garden.

Pickin' peas in our friends pea patch,

They have a pretty little homestead back in the holler.

We picked 5 bushels in just a couple of hours!

The front porch swing is the perfect place to shell these Christmas Lima Beans.

These beans are so pretty when you shell them, but when they cook they turn brown! Oh, well. They'll still taste good.

Pink Eyed Purple hull peas- sooo good with buttermilk cornbread.
You can find a recipe for peas and cornbread in our homestead cookbook!

We shelled peas till our fingers turned purple {from the hull, of course!}

Canning them up!

This was the view from our front porch the other evening. 
Beautiful colors of a summer sky.

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Michelle said...

Wish my family liked pink eye peas. The only time I get them or black eye peas is when we go out to dinner.

Heather Barrera said...

How wonderful! Do you have to use a pressure canner for the peas?

Grammy Sue said...

I love the beautiful photos! Are you going to be doing any new Homestead Blessings videos? I have nearly worn the others out! Love to all of you.

7 Eagles said...

Dear West ladies--I recently found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed going all the way back in your archives and reading all your posts. Our family has seen snippets of your videos on the Vision Forum site, and last year, we belonged to a homeschool Keepers Coop, which was studying about herbs. Our lead teacher showed some of your videos to us there. We also learned about the "lasagna garden" from y'all, and used that method to compost our Michigan garden at the end of every gardening season!

Recently, we moved to Texas, and have a place out in the country. We are so excited to start a new, larger garden, and are day-dreaming about chickens and horses as well!:-) I went ahead and ordered ALL of your dvd's from Vision Forum, along with your cookbook. Can't wait to receive them all!

Thanks so much for the wonderful encouragement you bring to the area of homesteading. I appreciate that you make it seem so straightforward, simple, and not overwhelming. Most of all, I love the simple joy and contentment that y'all radiate in living this life that The Lord has called you to live. You are all truly a blessing!

~ Betsy

Sandy said...

Thank you friends for letting us peek into your lives thru your blog. A simple life is the best life and I so look forward to your updates. God's blessings to you all.

Sandy F. said...

Loving the beautiful photographs. So inspiring!

Debbie S. said...

Yes, yes, yes! Please more videos AND more CDs! Your music fills our home with the songs of the love of the Lord, family, and home! Love you, Ladies....Debbie and Atticus

Renata said...

What wonderful beans to see you through winter! I love our cookbook!!