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Anonymous said...

Dear West Ladies,

Would you consider doing a video about cooking on a wood stove? I would love to see more of your videos.
Thank you

Rosie said...

We have almost all your video's. We home-school and love teaching some of the art that most family's don't past down to their children anymore.
Thank You all. Question: just got the soap making the vegetable shortening you all use what kind?The one I find in the store isn't good for you. I did make lye from the wood ash and can't find any recipes for liquid lye. So many questions. I did buy lye. Thank You,

Homestead Blessings said...

Hello Rosie,
Thank you for the great comment! Yeah, we don't use vegetable shortening to make soap usually. We did use the shortening in the DVD because it is easy for folks to find. We like to use other vegetable oils, {like palm oil} and animal fats.
We have been working on a Soap Book that will have recipes and tips and how-to's from our 20+ years of soap making. Hopefully it will be available from our website before too long!
Many Blessings,
The West Ladies