In The Kitchen


S Smith said...

Absolutely love everything your family represents.

Thank you for giving me tools to make me a more informative mother. After years of nursing and realizing the medical community was pointing morally in a very different direction than myself, it was time to throw in the towel.

I knew nothing about canning, baking, composting, & gardening. I am a forever learner and am here checking your site for a hamburger bun recipe. My 5 year old is and has to live gluten free. I just utilize your basic techniques then remove and reintroduce what we can eat!

I am looking forward to a more educated year on gardening and I am praying for large yields for canning and feeding my family from Mother Nature!


Melody said...

I would love to order your cookbook, but don't have pay pal and don't want it either. Is there any other way to get your cookbook without using pay pal? I have checked Amazon, Christian book, Family books, Nest (where I purchased dvd's) but nobody seems to have cookbook😔
I sent email inquiring but can't locate the email address to send the question again